For the purposes you agree to in this Privacy Disclosure Statement and Consent (‘Consent’), Credit Corp Brokering Services Pty Limited ACN 606 611 858 (‘CCBS’, ‘we’, ‘our’) collects personal information including credit information about you. CCBS is part of the Credit Corp Group which comprises Credit Corp Group Limited and its subsidiaries. By agreeing to and/or signing this consent, you agree we can, consistent with privacy and credit reporting laws, collect, use and exchange credit and personal information about you for the purposes outlined in this consent.  


Information and Purposes

We collect credit and personal information about you in order to provide you with:
  • Credit Assistance; or
  • Other services stated in this Consent.
The information we obtain from you is used and disclosed, subject to compliance with privacy and credit reporting laws, only for the purposes listed in this Consent, as permitted or required by law or otherwise with your permission. We require the information we collect from you to verify your identity, assess your credit application and to manage your credit contract. If you do not provide the information sought and your consent to our use of your information in accordance with this Consent we may be unable to process your application, or we may be limited in the other services we can offer you. You confirm that you are authorised to provide any personal information to us. 

Your Consent to the use and disclosure of your information

By agreeing to the terms of this Consent and/or signing below, you consent to and agree that CCBS, or any other party associated with this loan application, including the credit providers, giving information to me by way of electronic communication. You nominate and authorise the recipients and the Credit Providers to act on instructions sent electronically by you. You understand that this consent and authority will apply to all communications permitted to take place electronically by law, including but not limited to:
  1. Notices and disclosure documents about my credit application such as a Credit Guide or a Credit Quote for providing credit assistance or a copy of my preliminary assessment;
  2. Financial services disclosures such as a Financial Services Guide or Product Disclosure Statement;
  3. Credit contract documents or variations to the credit contract; and
  4. Notices from the Recipients to me.


You understand that the Recipients will rely on this consent to communicate with you by:
  1. Electronic mail ("email") to the email address(es) noted above;
  2. In the case of notices or documents required under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 (Cth) (including the National Credit Code, by making the notice or other document available for a reasonable period on the Recipient's information system for retrieval by you and promptly notifying you by electronic communication that the notice or other document is available for retrieval on the system and the nature of the notice or other document;
  3. In the case of notices or documents required under Chapter 7 of the Corporations Act 2001, making a notice available for you to access on their website, subject to also sending me an email with a hyperlink to the disclosure or a written (paper or electronic) notice with a reference to the website address where the disclosure can be found;
  4. Any other method of electronic communication permitted by law.


By giving this consent, you acknowledge the Recipients may no longer send me notices or other documents in paper form.You undertake to:
  1. Check electronic communications, including my emails, regularly for notices and other communication from the Recipients;
  2. Ensure my email address remains current (or as otherwise notified to the Recipients); and
  3. Ensure emails from the Recipients are not blocked.


You understand the Recipients rely on you to keep your nominated e-mail or physical (street) address details up-to-date and to notify the Recipients when they change. You understand that the provision of electronic documents does not alter your obligations under any terms and conditions of any contract you have with the recipients, or any credit contract that you have with a Credit Provider and that we should print and save a copy of any notice or other document provided to you electronically. You confirm that you are responsible for ensuring that you maintain the appropriate software and hardware, including printer, to be able to access, view, retrieve, print and save a copy of any documents provided to you by electronic communications.By agreeing to the terms of this Consent and/or signing below, you consent to and agree that CCBS may:

  1. Use your personal information:
    1. To verify your identity, including using the Document Verification Service to confirm that the personal information you provide to us on your identity documents as evidence of your identity match the information held by the agency which issued that document. Our use of the Document Verification Service to verify your identity may involve the use of third party systems and services. You can find more information about the Document Verification Service as follows:   Website: ; Phone, (02) 6141 6666 ;Email; 
    2. To assess your consumer credit application;
    3. To manage or better service your future needs;
    4. Make appropriate lender recommendations and refer your application to lenders;
    5. To assist you to manage your debts;
    6. To collect any amounts you owe in relation to consumer credit;
    7. As permitted or required by law.
  2. Obtain from, or disclose to other companies within the Credit Corp Group and other third parties information about you, the applicant(s), that is reasonably necessary to verify your identity, assess, arrange, provide, and administer your credit application, or to collect any amounts you owe to us or any other company in the Credit Corp Group in relation to consumer credit;
  3. Disclose your details to a credit reporting agency, including your name, address, date of birth and other personal identifiers for the purposes of identity verification against the information contained in your credit file. Should you not agree to have your identity verified by these means, please contact us so that we can discuss other options with you;
  4. Provide you, electronically or by other means, with offers or information of other goods or services we, or any other company within the Credit Corp Group, may be able to provide to you or the company, unless you specifically request that we not do so;
  5. Disclose your personal and credit information to other companies within the Credit Corp Group (including overseas to our related companies and employees in the Philippines) and third parties,including in the United States of America which provide CCFS with services, such as contractors, agents (including debt collection agents), printers, mail-houses, lawyers, document custodians, securitisation providers, computer systems consultants or providers, so they can perform those services for CCFS; and
  6. Disclose your personal information to any other organisation that may wish to acquire, or has acquired, an interest in our business or any rights under your credit application or contract. 


Agreement regarding disclosure of information to credit reporting bodies

You also agree that we may, as appropriate:
  1. Where you are the borrower, notify a credit reporting body that you as an individual have applied for credit assistance with CCBS, the amount of the credit required and that we are the prospective credit assistance provider(this information may be retained by the credit reporting body even if your application is unsuccessful);
  2. Provide your identification details to the credit reporting body;
  3. Exchange your credit information with the credit reporting body and any lender named in your credit report or in your application or any lender who may be approached by way of an application through the course of the provision of credit assistance;
  4. Obtain information about your commercial activities, or commercial credit worthiness, where relevant, from a credit reporting body.


Agreement regarding notification

Where we provide you with credit assistance, you agree we may notify a credit reporting body, should the following circumstances arise, that:

You have applied for credit assistance with CCBS we are your current credit assistance provider; 


Accessing, correcting and making a complaint about your personal information

  1. Our Privacy Policy contains information about how you can access and correct your personal information. Our Privacy Policy also contains further details about the type of personal and credit information that we collect and how we may use it, the contact details of the credit reporting bodies to which we may disclose such information and information about your rights to request those credit reporting bodies not to use or disclose credit reporting information in certain circumstances.
  2. If you believe there has been a breach of privacy in relation to your personal information you are entitled to complain. Our Privacy Policy contains information about how you can make a complaint. Our Privacy Policy is available on our website at


You can also request a copy of our Privacy Policy or access or correct your personal information or make a complaint by contacting our Privacy Officer by phone on 1300 768 621 or by email at Our Privacy Policy is available on our website at

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